Garage Floor Videos and Training by Garage Kings

We Love Teaching In Person and Through Our Garage Floor Videos

Don’t leave before checking out more of our garage floor coating videos on our Youtube Channel. You’ll see completed projects, unique ideas for marbled floors, and techniques you won’t learn on any other website.

This video shows Garage Kings Signature Flake Floor from start to finish in 80 seconds

This Video shows Jamie Seamans teaching the basics of Epoxy and how to create Marbled Effects

This Video shows a commercial Marbled Epoxy Floor installed in Moncton, New Brunswick from start to finish

If you’re a homeowner looking to have one of our qualified garage floor coating installers do some work in your home, please contact us.

Perhaps you are interested in learning the most advanced application techniques and methods so that you can learn to do this yourself.

If you are researching garage floor coating techniques online, you will love the selection of training videos we have on the Garage Kings Youtube channel. Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the channel by clicking the Subscribe button below the videos.

These videos show projects from start to finish. We cover an array of topics such as concrete floor preparation, dustless grinding equipment, epoxy, polyurea and polyaspartic coatings, and more.

You’ll find hints and tricks for how we achieve some of our unique marbled epoxy floors and art pieces.

If you’d like to learn something you don’t see here yet, please let us know. We have spent a lot of time and energy mastering garage floor coatings and other coatings, and we love sharing what we know.

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We hope you learn something here that is helpful!