21 Year Flake Epoxy Garage Floor

Why do you love the new flake epoxy garage floor by Garage Kings?

Is it the enjoyment you feel when your floor stays looking good longer than any other floor coating?

Or perhaps it is the excitement you get knowing that your floor will stand up to the harshest climate, salt, oil, rust and stains?

Is it the security of an industry-leading guarantee and the confidence that you won’t ever have to install another garage floor coating?

There is no question. Our floors will make your garage, your car and you look fantastic.

No matter why you choose a Garage Kings floor coating, it’s time to start feeling differently about your garage floor.


Garage Kings Flake Epoxy Floor Domino Moncton

Flake floors by Garage Kings make that snowblower look awesome!


We love making garage floors personal with sports team logos


Personalize your floor with a family crest or logo


This is the Process to Install a Flake Epoxy Garage Floor

Everytime our crews install our famous 100% Flake Floor, we follow the same process: Preparation, Crack Repair, First Coat, Flakes, Top Coat.

Garage Kings flake epoxy garage floor process image

This is the process we follow everytime we install our Flake Epoxy Garage Floor: Preparation, Crack Repair, First Coat, Flakes, Top Coat.

  1. Preparation

    • To prepare your home for coatings, we tarp off the mixing area to protect your driveway or other working area.
    • We use our dust controlled diamond grinding equipment to deep clean and open the pores of the concrete for our coating. This means your concrete will hold the coating for the long term and is the secret to our extended adhesion guarantee.
  2. Crack Repair

    • Minor cracks and pitting are repaired with an array of tools and products we have available. We use both epoxy and urethane based products depending on the type of repair we are doing. These are industrial grade crack repair materials and allow us to restore garage floors in almost any condition.
  3. First Coat

    • We are now ready to begin installing your floor coating.
    • When the team is ready to go, the material for your first coat is prepared, tinted, and mixed. Timing is of the essence as we apply these products. Many of the products we work with allow 20 minutes from mixing to finishing the coat. That’s why we wear spiked shoes so we can walk where we need to, and we use oversize rollers to allow us to cover the floor quickly and thoroughly.
  4. Flakes

    • Once we finish applying the coating on the entire surface of your garage floor, we start covering the whole area with your chosen blend of vinyl plastic flakes. We fill your floor with these until you can’t see the coating underneath anymore.
    • After just a couple of hours, your flake floor coating is ready to be scraped, removing any flakes that are not fully adhered to the floor.
    • Once the flakes are all cleaned up, your floor is ready for the final polyaspartic top coat.
  5. Polyaspartic Top Coat   

    • The clear coat we will use on your garage floor is the same polyaspartic blend we use in commercial or industrial settings. This means you get a highly attractive and durable garage floor that is designed to hold up to more than what a typical garage is subjected to!
    • For the 21 Year Flake Floor, the top coat is not a traditional epoxy. It is a polyaspartic, which cures much faster, has approximately 3x more scratch and mar resistance, and is UV stable. This means your next garage floor coating should be the last garage floor coating you ever need to install.

Colour Choices For Your Flake Epoxy Garage Floor

Your new flake epoxy garage floor comes in six blends. Most clients find one of these will compliment the home and property very well, with an unlimited array of custom flake blends available on request.

When choosing a colour blend for your flake floor, we recommend looking at your siding, your shingles, and your driveway when looking for the right blend. If your home is more brown and beige, it is likely one of our three beige blends that will work well. If your home is more in the grey or other color like blue or yellow, a grey blend may be best.

Our three beige flake blends from light to dark are Shoreline, Bean, and Gunflint.

Our three beige flake blends from light to dark are Shoreline, Bean, and Gunflint.

The three grey flake blends from light to dark are Gravel, Domino, and Nightfall

The three grey flake blends from light to dark are Gravel, Domino, and Nightfall

Flake Epoxy Garage Floor FAQ’s

Is it slippery?

We’ve found the perfect blend of texture for our garage floors. That means they are very slip resistant while still being super easy to clean.

How durable is it?

Salt, oil, rust, UV, gas, tire marks. The flake floor coating by Garage Kings is a great floor. The same blends we use in commercial environments are used in your garage. No change is made to the recipe. That means you get a floor that you won’t have to think about for a very long time.

How long before I can park on it?

Once the final coating is applied, we recommend 24-48 hours before driving on it.

You can still put your things back after about 24 hours.

Is it easy to clean?

There are no pores in your new top coat, so it is very easy to clean. We’ve seen rust spots from a snowblower come off with a simple paper towel. It sure is good to have a floor that looks good for the long haul!

21 Year Adhesion Guarantee

The biggest problem with an improperly installed floor coating is peeling. Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories from a neighbor or friend about how their floor looked perfect until the first time they parked their car on it. Hot tire pickup is a very common problem.

That’s why every flake floor installed by Garage Kings comes with an industry leading 21 Year Adhesion Guarantee.

This means that once your coating has been professionally installed by one of our installers, it will never peel, delaminate, or otherwise come off your concrete floor. Hot tire pickup will be a thing of the past for you.

Our guarantee is fully transferable when you sell your home, so your buyers can feel secure knowing that their coating will never come off.

Is it time to start feeling differently about your garage floor?