Garage Kings, Garage Floor Epoxy Specialists

If you are considering a garage floor epoxy coating, you already know there are a ton of options…

If you’ve done your research online, you know this is a project that you want done right the first time.

Garage Kings exists to be the one-stop-shop for garage epoxy flooring.  We are here to offer a consistent and positive experience for homeowners that want a lasting floor coating. We also love to create opportunities for installers to learn our specialized trade and get equipped with the knowledge, tools and support they need to succeed. Garage floor epoxy coatings is a craft that people get passionate about, which is why we do what we do.

This is the story of how it all started in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada:

In The Beginning

Tim Frazer and Jamie Seamans worked together in their university years in a student painting franchise for a few years. This was their first exposure to the incredibly complex coatings industry. After a few years in business together, they parted ways. Tim to a sales and marketing career, and Jamie to finishing his Bachelor of Science Degree.

Two years later, they met again by chance in the hallways of their university. After weeks of brainstorming and research, they started a venture in decorative concrete coatings. This was not an easy ride. Sales took off very quickly, and the team was dedicated to understanding every aspect of the business. This research and development phase lasted over a year.

Learning Leads to Mastery

We have been a mission of learning from day 1. Travelling across North America, we have learned from the best and most qualified floor coating experts available. We have found the highest quality products available direct from the manufacturing companies and created a brand with only the products they are proud to use themselves. This investment of time and money in constant learning is what led to the unique methods now taught through Garage Kings.

Our friends have often commented on how often we travel. For us, staying at the front of the learning curve in the floor coatings industry is more important than anything else. We have invested countless hours in our learning, and we are not stopping. Now, people that are passionate about floor coatings have started to come to us to learn more. We welcome the opportunity to share what we know to help installers that love this industry like we do.

One-Stop-Shop for Equipment, Product & Training

Today, Garage Kings is a one-stop center for the garage floor coatings industry. We teach independent floor coating contractors the detailed technical knowledge needed to properly evaluate a concrete floor. We provide training on proper surface preparation so that a concrete floor can hold a coating for the long term. The installation techniques that we teach are designed to create a consistent experience for both installers and customers.

Garage Kings invests heavily in developing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers and can offer the exact tools and equipment we have found to be most effective in our garage floor coating business.

Finally, Garage Kings also provides marketing support and training, and the opportunity to run your business with the support of a national brand. We continue to search out the most advanced coating systems and technology available.

A Network of Professional Epoxy Coating Installers

We also have a network of qualified floor coating installers available to complete your projects in several markets, and we are growing every month. Installers in our network all have their own liability insurance, they have the right equipment to do the job right, and they’ve been trained in the installation methods we use everyday.

If you have questions about garage epoxy floor coatings, one-day polyaspartic flake floors, and other floor coating systems, we’d love to chat with you. Further, if you would like to learn how to get involved in the installation or sales of Garage Kings floor coating systems. we’d love to hear from you.