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Your Choice is Easy - 3 Coating Options for Your Garage Floor:

Choose between our Solid Epoxy Floor, Decorative Metallic Epoxy Floor, and our Signature 21-Year 100% Flake Floor!

Garage Kings Signature Flake Floor

Eighty percent of our clients choose the Garage Kings Signature Flake Floor for a reason.

Security. Beauty. Durability.

You can have a gorgeous and functional floor coating that is up to twenty times stronger than other garage epoxy floor options. With superior scratch and wear resistance, the texture and pattern of the flake floor make it a perfect choice to keep your garage at its best.

  • 21 Year Adhesion Guarantee
  • Superior Scratch and Impact Resistance
  • 20x Stronger and 3x more durable than epoxy
  • Walk on it within hours
  • An Exceptional Non-Skid Surface
  • Resists: 100% Hot tire pickup, UV, Oil, Salts, Fuel, Anti-freeze, & other chemicals


Custom Marbled Epoxy Floor

Feeling Inspired?

Want something no one else has?

A unique, one-of-a-kind marbled surface.

We like to call this our “artistic” option. Multiple colors and metallic epoxy effects can be blended together in a seamless floor that is truly inspiring. This surface creates a unique marbled finish you will be proud of for a long time.

  • Unlimited Design Options
  • 9 15 Year Adhesion Guarantee
  • Resists: Hot tire pickup, Oil, Salts, Fuel, Anti-freeze, & other chemicals


Solid Epoxy Floor

Your garage will love you, and so will your bank account.

This is a floor coating for the budget-savvy individual. It looks clean, consistent, and solid. We use only industrial-grade, high-build epoxy, which puts more material on your floor than any competing product. That means you get a floor that looks great and holds up.

  • 9 Year Guarantee
  • Anti-slip Surface
  • Resists: Hot tire pickup, Oil, Salts, Fuel, Anti-freeze, & other chemicals



Hamilton Ontario is Finally Getting Garage Kings For Garage Flooring & Epoxy Coatings!

When you look at your garage, does it inspire you? Or does it leave you frustrated?

Garage Kings is proud to be offering great garage flooring options in the Hamilton area. Tim Frazer and Jamie Seamans, Co-Founders of the Garage Kings brand, are very pleased to be expanding the Garage Kings floor coating brand again.

Our network of independent garage floor professionals is growing every month. Consumers love the beautiful and durable garage floor coatings we offer. More and more homeowners want a professional company to take care of their garage floor coatings.

Just some of the benefits of a commercial-grade garage floor coating:

Floor coatings like epoxy and polyaspartics are more technical than you might think. There's a lot to installing a coating that will last for the long term. You have to use the right equipment to properly grind the surface and prep it for a coating. You need to understand the tools needed to install properly like spiked shoes and specialized squeegees. And you need to be using high-grade products with enough material to create a garage floor surface that can last.

Garage Kings independent installers are floor coating specialists. Trained in the proper techniques for concrete surface preparation including dust controlled diamond grinding, crack bridging and repair, and various coating products to achieve consistent and beautiful results. They also have access to the Garage Kings corporate team, and the technical experience that comes with being part of a national network.

What are the biggest differences in Garage Kings floor options?

Garage Kings offers two basic coatings, the Solid Epoxy Floor, and the 21-Year 100% Flake Floor. There is also the decorative marbled epoxy option if you need something no one else has.

At the lower end of the budget scale, the Solid Epoxy Floor is a great floor for any garage. It's durable and incredibly easy to clean. The same 100% solids epoxy used in your garage is used in commercial and industrial environments. It is a great entry-level floor for the budget conscious client. Go ahead and ask us for a quote - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the value we can offer!

4 out of 5 Garage Kings clients choose the 21-Year 100% Flake Floor for a reason. It is the next generation of garage floor. Both gorgeous and durable, the chemistry is different from the Solid Epoxy Floor. Instead of traditional epoxy, this floor is a Polyaspartic system. That means it's flexible, UV resistant and has tremendous scratch and wear resistance. As well, the various flake blends create an attractive surface that also hides dirt and wear patterns, meaning this floor will look its very best for a very long time.

While unlimited custom color options are available, we keep the standard blends for the Flake Floor pretty simple. In the grey tones, you can choose a light, medium or dark blend. In the beige tones, you can also choose a light, medium or dark blend. Most of our clients find something here that is right up their alley. And the best part? Neutral colors never have to be changed out when you redo your roof or siding, or change the decor in your garage!

If the flake floor seems like what you're looking for, please give us a call so we can set you up with a quote!

You can have Garage Kings install your Garage Flooring throughout the Hamilton area in the Greater Toronto Area.

About Garage Kings

Garage Kings is changing the garage floor coating industry. Jamie Seamans and Tim Frazer created the Garage Kings brand to offer industrial garage floor coatings with a long term guarantee. They travel across North America teaching independent Garage Kings dealers to operate their own local businesses with the support of a national team.

The Garage Kings Difference

  • You know that a floor coating won't last if it the concrete surface isn't properly grinded. A Garage Kings independent installer in Hamilton won't simply acid wash your floor and pour some epoxy. Your floor will be diamond grinded with dust controlled equipment to create the perfect profile for your new garage floor coating.
  • Cheaper epoxies and sealers contain fillers or solvents which result in a thinner and less durable coating. Only Garage Kings uses 100% solids high build epoxies or polyaspartics which produce the same industrial strength floor in your garage that is found in airplane hangars, industrial warehouses and other commercial environments.

Why Choose a Durable Garage Floor Coating?

  • The long term health of your concrete has an impact on the curb appeal and value of your home. Over time, your concrete floor can be damaged by salt and oils, pitting and degrading the integrity of your floor. Also, porous concrete is ugly and frustrating to clean. Because it is porous, it also holds moisture which can cause additional mold and damage.
  • A professionally installed garage floor coating in Hamilton will improve the lifespan of your concrete, make it simple to clean, and most importantly, looks fantastic.

The Garage Kings Installation Process

  • Every garage floor project begins with the same detailed preparation: a complete diamond grinding creates the perfect profile to hold the new coating, and allows the material to penetrate deep into the concrete. In fact, once installed, it is easier to break the concrete underneath than remove the new coating.

 Our People

  • When a Hamilton Garage Kings Professional Installer comes to your home, you can expect a great experience. We take pride in the level of training we provide to every member of our team. You'll be amazed at how quick and efficient the entire process is, and we will settle for nothing less than complete customer satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

  • The same products and processes we use in your home are used in demanding industrial environments like airport hangars. That’s why our independent installers are able to guarantee the adhesion of your coating for up to twenty-one years. In fact, you will find it is harder to break our products’ bond than the concrete underneath it. This means that your floor may very well outlive your house.

It's Time to Start Thinking Differently About Your Garage Floor. Contact Us.

Who We Are

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