Beautiful Flood Proof Basement Flooring in Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview, New Brunswick

Imagine having complete control over the design of your floor.

Something unique. Truly one-of-a-kind.
Your color, your taste, your décor.
Seamless and easy to clean.

Imagine feeling totally secure, knowing your basement floor will not be affected by flooding or spills. Simply clean up water with a squeegee and shop vac and move on with your day.

Metallic epoxy basement

Decorative Marbled Epoxy Flooring: The Alternative to Tile, Wood, Vinyl Flooring or Carpet

Are you tired of the traditional basement flooring options like Tile, Wood, Vinyl or Carpet?

Have you had to replace your basement floor due to flooding?

Garage Kings Basement Flooring uses high-build commercial grade epoxy to seal and protect your floor, and it looks awesome. These products are incredibly durable, stain resistant, and easy to clean.

A marbled epoxy floor is a seamless, one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

We use high-build epoxy combined with the same metallic pigments used in cosmetics and automotive products. These are combined with a little artistic flair and a lot of know-how to design your floor just the way you want.

You choose the colors, you choose the design. You can even be there when the art is done to have real time input into your new floor.

waterproof basement flooring moncton

What is the Process?

Start to finish, we handle every detail of your basement flooring project.

The first step is choosing your design.

You let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and we’ll help you choose a blend we’ve done before or a totally custom blend created just for you.

Either way, every marbled epoxy floor we do is one-of-a-kind.

You don’t have to spend days searching for the perfect tile. You get what you want.

Once we know where we’re headed, we schedule your installation dates and get to work.

When we start your project, we begin by preparing the surface for the coating using dust-controlled diamond grinding equipment. This opens the pores of the concrete so you can be sure to have a lasting finish. We also take care of minor crack repairs as needed.

After the floor has been prepped and thoroughly cleaned, the prime coat is applied. The color will strengthen or add depth to your final design.

When it’s time to apply the marbled effects, we recommend that you are available. This is a highly customized experience, and different from any other flooring you have ever purchased.

When the design coating is finished, any additional coatings are applied depending on your chosen options. We always recommend you leave it to cure for at least 72 hours before putting your things back on to your new and beautiful floor.

Marbled epoxy floor

Basement Floor Questions

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How durable is epoxy for basement flooring?

The products we work with are incredibly strong. The same materials are used in commercial and industrial environments. That doesn’t mean it can’t scratch. Your floors will last as long as you want.

We recommend you install felt pads on your furniture to ensure your floor looks great for years, just like you would with a wood floor.

How Much Does Epoxy Basement Flooring Cost?

Every project is a little different. The total size and the type of design work to be done make a difference to your final price. Compared with the installed cost of high quality tile, wood, or vinyl flooring, a marbled epoxy floor is a very attractive option.

Add to that the limitless design possibilities of these floors and most people understand why these floors make sense.

You can expect an installed cost between $5-8 per square foot.

I’m Renovating My Whole Basement – When Should My Epoxy Floor Be Installed?

Timing matters.

The best time to install your floor is after your drywall is up, before the final coat of paint, and before the trim is installed. You should plan to be off the floor for one full week, including any other trades working on your project.

Does My Basement Floor Come With A Warranty?

Guaranteed Workmanship.

All of our marbled epoxy basement floors include a 15 year adhesion warranty, which protects you from any defects caused by workmanship. It does not cover damage due to use or abuse.

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About Garage Kings

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Our passion for decorative epoxy floor coatings is undeniable. It’s kind of our thing.
Tim Frazer and Jamie Seamans started Garage Kings in Moncton, New Brunswick. They have expanded to PEI, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and across Atlantic Canada. The company is rapidly expanding in the USA through a network of independent installers.

You can find Jamie Seamans, Garage Kings co-founder and decorative epoxy trainer, regularly training contractors to deliver these unique floor coating systems. If he isn’t teaching in Pompano Beach, Florida, he’s putting the final touches on another online training video.

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Our team can also serve Halifax, Dartmouth and much of Nova Scotia and all of Prince Edward Island.

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